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Is my data secure?

We take security seriously and have implemented multiple levels of encryption of your data both in-use and at-rest. Your database connection information is encrypted. Our databases are encrypted at-rest. You are in control of your data.

Do I have to have an Azure SQL DB?

While setting up RoverGo with an Azure SQL Database is a simpler process, it is not a requirement. You are free to use RoverGo with any SQL Server database as long as you configure external access to allow us to connect.

How do I limit access to my DB?

We strongly suggest creating SQL Server user accounts that have only the access they need to execute your tasks. If possible, a separate user account for each task is preferable.

How often can I schedule my tasks?

The recurrence schedule is based on your plan. The tasks can be scheduled to run as often as every five minutes or as infrequent as once per month.

What type of a job can I schedule?

All RoverGo tasks are based on executing a SQL script. If you can write the script, RoverGo can execute it.

Can I temporarily disable my job?

RoverGo allows for pausing jobs in case your application is under maintenance, or if you just don't want to run your task for a period of time.

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